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Hextraterrestrial Spam Frigg 01-12-2019 N/A
Wizard of the Vassals ... MysticPizza 01-11-2019 N/A
CobraKai4Ever Closing a shit thread is not trashing you and according to my mother's people I am not a goyim .lol. Bad form dude. MysticPizza 12-31-2018 N/A
EyesWideOpen111 No more rope. Byeeee. Mmmkay_Ultra 12-29-2018 N/A
Mindzen Ban Evasion T-Dub 12-09-2018 N/A
great-grandfather no comment Mmmkay_Ultra 11-20-2018 N/A
Dire_effects Irreconcilable differences... given every chance to just be a human being. Only here to cause trouble and division. Tried everything to meet halfway but apparently, he is only here to sow hate and division. If he comes back swinging it's PERMA Frigg 11-04-2018 02-04-2019
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The Real Pat Korry . MysticPizza 10-27-2018 N/A
Pat Korry . MysticPizza 10-27-2018 N/A
The One and Only Pat Korry . MysticPizza 10-27-2018 N/A
Pat Korry’s Gay Lover! . MysticPizza 10-27-2018 N/A
Q SENT ME No, you say HI to the ban list .. TROLL ~mc~ 10-23-2018 N/A
KillTheCarnage Ban Evasion T-Dub 05-16-2018 N/A
The Ex Don't bother coming back. Ban evasion. Angry Red Man 05-10-2018 N/A
Fossiliferous Banned Per Own Request - You will be missed... Munchaab 04-18-2018 N/A
Mighty Warrior Total Prick - but utterly useless... Seek another place to troll... Munchaab 04-09-2018 N/A
beans .. ChillBro 03-19-2018 N/A
5.0% Multiple personalities... domains ~mc~ 03-15-2018 N/A
Domains Threats against the forum and ban evasion. Fuck off piss boy. Angry Red Man 01-02-2018 N/A
jess Outrageous and libellous allegations of inappropriate behaviour of members and staff. Munchaab 05-14-2017 N/A