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Full Version: Radiation, an Extinction Level Event
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(05-15-2017, 06:26 PM)CavLancer Wrote: [ -> ]Okey dokey, but this would have to kill us all and I won't be happy about the use of the term until it does...;) Joking, maybe my understanding of the term is off, I dunno.

Slow kill. 

Not "immediate kill". 

Immediate kill is ... well, immediate.

Slow kill means years of suffering, then death.

If I remember correctly from my schooling (I did graduate the 5th grade), we have about 20-25 years until the true horrors begin to show up in mass. Now, I feel that more criticalities will happen at FUKA in the near future worsening the horror. I feel these upcoming criticalities will propagate and create serious containment complexities for number 4, 5 and 6. If control of number 5 is lost then Japan is lost....west coast...then grain forth and so on. None of this will be Hollywood deaths. Like Aquarius stated, a slow degradation of biological life. This is selfish of me but, I'm glad I will be dead within 25 years.

All of those reactors are already out of control. 
It is reported that 300 tons of radiated water is flowing into the Pacific Ocean every day from the Fukushima reactors.

And there is NO way to stop it.

That's not good at all.

You are correct.

Not good at all.  And that is an understatement.
(05-15-2017, 08:01 PM)Pope Trollalotta Wrote: [ -> ]...

Some day in the future aliens will do an orbital survey and discover a species existed that was stupid enough to fuck with nuclear technology to boil water.


And we don't want this comment to get lost in the shuffle, so I am bumping it for Truth.


More on Radiation, an Extinction Level Event

The data below is excerpted from a Bob Nichols article described below.  It is in answer to some 'Fringe' queries.  Remember, that measurements
taken in 99 U.S. cities are in CPM's and sometimes nanoSieverts (A nanoSievert is 1 billionth of a Sievert

Just 10 Sieverts accumulated at one time and you are dead

TOTAL GAMMA RADIATION In Your Radiation This Week No 9 and 10
By Bob Nichols on March 25, 2017
Good Day! This is “Your Radiation This Week ” for the past 2 weeks. These are the recorded Total Gamma Radiation and Sievert highs that affected people around the United States.

YRTW ELE is published every two weeks on Saturday. ELE is an acronym for “Extinction Level Event.” I believe the amount of Rad in the air Now Dooms Humanity to a quick Extinction. I can’t say it any plainer than that. The next publication dates are April 8 and April 22, 2017.

RadNet, a Directorate of the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) added a radiation measurement capability to the list recently. Twenty-five (25) cities are now reporting radiation levels in Sieverts and CPM. Same Radiation, different measurements.

YRTW ELE reports Sieverts from Toneri Municipal Park in Tokyo, Japan. The Sievert is widely used in other countries worldwide.

“Mar 23, 2011 – Sievert(Sv), unit of radiation absorption in the International System of Units (SI). The sievert takes into account the relative biological effectiveness (RBE) of ionizing radiation, since each form of such radiation—e.g., X-rays, gamma rays, neutrons—has a slightly different effect on living tissue.” – Google.

” … In a short time a dose of 1 Sv causes acute radiation sickness, and a dose of 10 Sv is fatal.” – Google. Short and to the point, the Sievert measurement is meant to inform all residents of imminent danger.”

YRTW ELE will always report Sieverts when available in the future in the States. In addition, Japan and the European Union report radiation measurements in Sieverts.

You are encouraged to compare Sievert measurements with the rest of the world. The United States is a very radioactive country. Rad sources are always nuclear reactors and nuke weapons – not anything else.

The American Counts per Minute (CPM) reporting continues.

The big EPA radiation monitors are staffed, are in many locations and uniform throughout the US. That is why CPM by the EPA was selected. The EPA Rad monitors report hourly 24/7 for 168 possible reports a week, each. [24 x 7 = 168 hourly reports per week]

The Column labeled “Corrupted?” in the CPM reports is Deleted. The Column came about from stations reporting less than Once per Hour for 168 reports a week. 100% Rad reporting is rare and the reasons varied.

The people who own, Patent and control nuclear reactors and nuclear weapons are Guilty of Crimes Against Humanity, War Crimes and are truly our enemies. They belong at the Hague on trial; not at a country club. My Opinion.

Tokyo … 44 Rad nanoSieverts per Hour this issue
New York City … 69 Rad nanoSieverts per Hour this issue, same as last issue,
San Diego … 112 Rad nanoSieverts per Hour this issue, same as last issue.

The High Measurements are for the past two weeks and are made in the widely accepted nanoSieverts per Hour, abbreviated world wide as nSv/Hour, or nSv/Hr.

These numbers finally give normal people a way to compare like with like in the “flat out” dangerous radioactive world. Now You can easily compare Rads in New York City and Tokyo, for example.

Eight Absorbed Sieverts per Hour and you are probably a dead duck. Five Sieverts and half of all you guys and gals are dead. Ten Absorbed Sieverts and you are all quite dead; you are history, a Goner. Got it?

Oh yea, remember that the Rad you got yesterday, the day before and last year is cumulative. It all Counts.

ALERT: The Readings below are in CPM and Sieverts, in many cases.

They are Very Different. It’s a matter of maiming, life and death; the usual stuff in the world of Rad; the only question is “What’s the magic cumulative number that kills or disables you.” In Sieverts it is very clear – Ten absorbed Sieverts and you are very dead.

Listed in Counts per Minute, a Count is one Radioactive Decay Registered by the Instrument. CPM is used by the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) to measure deadly ionizing radiation.

Still, all reporting cities are above normal. The reporting Radioactive Cities are a few of the radioactive cities in the States. For 2017 YRTW ELE will list the recorded High CPM Counts of Total Gamma Radiation for American cities. Sieverts are published, also. Take all necessary precautions.

A quote from SG's last post:

"... The people who own, Patent and control nuclear reactors and nuclear weapons are Guilty of Crimes Against Humanity, War Crimes and are truly our enemies.  They belong at the Hague on trial; not at a country club.  My opinion. ..."

And I agree.
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