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Full Version: The Coming War on China
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IT’S no secret that Beijing has been building up its military might in the South China Sea.
But there’s another superpower making an even bigger play to stay top dog and many of us wouldn’t event realise.
The United States has surrounded China with 400 military bases in an almost perfect “noose”.

US ready for WAR on China with 400 bases of warships, nukes, and bombers mobilised

Tensions have been boiling between the two world powers this year over the disputed South China Sea, with both sides holding huge military drills in flashpoints some fear could trigger World War 3.

US military forces have been accused of creating a "perfect noose" around China as they deploy 400 bases packed with warships, nukes and bombers to entrap and provoke the world's second richest superpower.

This week Donald Trump seriously offended Chinese president Xi Jinping after a phonecall to Taiwan, and last week Beijing launched ten ballistic missiles in a show of force to the US.

Nuclear war is "no longer unthinkable" between the two colossal global forces as the US is accused of attempting to provoke war with China.

SPOTTED: Putin 'moves military forces' to North Korea border as world prepares for WAR

VIDEO has been released allegedly showing a mass military mobilisation in Vladivostok, Russia, just eight miles from the border with North Korea, as the world edges towards war.

Russia has reportedly moved military vehicles towards the city, which is within striking distance of North Korea.

The dramatic move, unconfirmed by the Russian government, was spotted by residents in the border city and posted on social media.

This comes as North Korea warned that they are prepared for all-out war with the US, while China pleads for the two powers to back down from escalation.

As tensions boil between the US and North Korea, with China caught in the middle, Australian journalist and filmmaker John Pilger warns that America, so often portrayed as the world’s policeman, is part of the problem.

What’s worse, Australia will be on the front line of any conflagration with President Xi Jinping’s China if we don’t unshackle ourselves from US foreign policy, Pilger tells The New Daily.

“Either we choose to be a vassal state, integrated yet again into the war plans of a rapacious great power, or we choose to be independent,” Pilger insists. “There is hardly any intelligent debate on this vital subject in Australia any more.”
I hate war.   Scream1 

But it may be inevitable.   Paladin


If my thoughts alone could prevent war, I would think the most peaceful ones imaginable..
The bigger picture, its obvious in this buildup and surround, and NK is the intermediate step, the proxy.

The THAAD missile defense shield is a big threat to China and Russia, along with those bases mentioned and surrounding troops.

Bringing it to the Korean peninsula has increased tensions.
Missile defense makes perfect sense on a military level.
But in the overall equation it is something that makes the situation more volatile.

THAAD changes the strategic balance in the region. The missile defense system capable of intercepting ballistic missles at high altitude over another nation's territory.

With two more aircraft carrier battle groups enroute, the implications are of escalation.