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Full Version: Another False Flag Coming? Mock IED Found on Flight from Toronto to Chicago
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With everything else going on right now, it certainly seems like another false flag is on the way to the US.
This report out yesterday has been buried under headlines about new developments in Syria before the implications can even fully sink in.

Yesterday passengers on United Airlines flight 547 from Toronto’s Pearson airport were held from boarding their 7 a.m. flight to Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport after a mock improvised explosive device was found in an American passenger’s suitcase.

The device was swabbed for explosives with a negative result and 58-year-old Joseph Galaska was charged with mischief. His court date is yet to be set.

Security immediately stopped screening any new passengers for the flight, and those already onboard the plane were promptly removed and bussed to another location so they and their luggage could be rescreened. Many flights were delayed over it.

Fortunately the device turned out to be fake, but ask yourself this: why, in the post 9/11 world would anyone attempt to bring a fake bomb onto an airplane at Canada’s largest airport and just blithely walk through security with it in their suitcase like its no big deal???

(The “underwear bomber” and the ISIS soda can bombs come to mind…)


that's all we need Eyeroll
More predictive programming?

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