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Full Version: computer geeks are in mourning
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RadioShack to layoff 150 as its Fort Worth headquarters could 'permanently close' in May

Fort Worth-based RadioShack will layoff 150 employees at its corporate headquarters and could permanently shut down its North Texas headquarters all together in May.

RadioShack outlined its dire straights in a letter to the Texas Workforce Commission. Earlier this month the company filed its second bankruptcy in two years and announced the closure of 200 of its 1,300 stores.

i buy only battery sets..but ive noticed in last 3 years, the quality of name brands have decreased. radios, pc's etc. the only place i go to that has consistant quality is bestbuy.


I couldn't tell you the last time I was in a radio shack or even seen one for that matter.
their products arent very well maintained..especially the store nearby me. many items are open by customers..or returned as used and not properly repackaged..and the reps behind the counter always act like they are disatisfied with their job, no smiles only a somber mood. -same goes for wal mart greeters at store nearby me...but thats another story
I miss Radio Shack, such a good store as a kid to peruse and see what I can build

I haven't seen a Radio Shack in over a decade though..
Radio Shack used to be the place to go for those odd and interesting bits and pieces for everything tech.

Then it turned into the Walmart electronics section combined with a tech influenced toy store. They could have possibly maintained themselves that way except for the fact that they bought the cheapest 'Made In China' crap that would break down the first time you used it and marked it up 300%.

They basically threw the business model that made them famous under the bus and then wondered why people stopped going there.
overpriced, outdated business model

they never adapted
They closed the stores here 2 years agp.

Internet ordering is about the only source left.
Worked at one for a seasonal job that turned into maybe a 6 month gig.

Hell its been over 10 years now, but the writing was on the wall.

The regional manager would get annoyed the salesmen would focus on "Spiffs" and didn't care about the small components/parts and customer service. Said when you think about it, some workers weren't worth minimum wage....Was Sprint or Verison and a nightmare over the phone experience that could take a half an hour, that's where the salesman made some cash though and the customer service went out the door. Pay a guy minimum wage but now he can grab 40 bucks or something on a sale....he's going to tell the other customers to piss off.


I took the time and had a lot of repeat customers but they wouldn't spend much.

Renting mall space had to of been expensive too.

They'd try and get people to buy things like batteries which were a large profit margin or warranties.

Just backward thinking leadership.

With Amazon and shipping any part oddity you may want, well they no longer had the customer service to justify a visit anyways.

Should of kept up with the times, should of been like a part store for cars where everything with a simple solution was on computers for the minimum wage worker to easily look up.

Should of had one or two stores per city, with a shop inside where tech guys could repair things.
damm and now gamestop is closing too. what is wrong with retail in america?


(03-29-2017, 12:35 AM)SR-25 Wrote: [ -> ]damm and now gamestop is closing too. what is wrong with retail in america?


My son would die if that happened Chuckle
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