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Full Version: 18,000 Men and Boys Suing Johnson & Johnson for Popular Drug That Gave them Breasts
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The number of lawsuits against Johnson & Johnson has surged to over 100,000 in 2017; many from their popular drug Risperdal.


In 2000 I worked in juvenile justice and a lot of those kids were on it. They should FOIL the ny ocfs records. The agency can redact them. Just ask for the number by incarceration period who had it. I only know because I had access to the records. If they are filing now, there is a large class action suit looming.


Yikes :/


There is a long history of drug testing on incarcerated people, as well as people who come in with legitimate prescriptions for psychotropics. Not talking about junkies, just people with psychological disorders. There is a real section 1983 claim about access to medications while incarcerated. Or being used as a pin cushion.