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Full Version: Eureka Mining
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This is pretty interesting.  When I was doing some research on shareblue, I noticed they are in partnership with peaceworks:

(((Daniel LubetzskySteinShekelberg)))

His twitter and thoughts on trump:

Anyway.  These sharebluers weren't always called shareblue.  They were called Blue Nation Review and previously they were Moko Social Media Limited.

Eureka Mining on a social media board?

Eureka Mining is a Chinese government owned operation and appears to be a big part of this whole Anti-Trump effort.  This could actually be proof that the Chinese (not the Russian) government manipulated the Election. 

Malcolm Rayment Scott James BBusS, CPA, FAICD, MAusIMM.  He serves as the Principal of MRJ Advisors, as a Non Executive Finance Director of Eureka Mining PLC, Caspian Holdings plc and Cordlilera Resources plc.  He's a partner in boutique resource development and financing consultancy.  He's been the Executive Director of Tianshan Goldfields Ltd. since 2002.

This is solid proof that a Chinese Gold company made a social media site that was then sold to David Brock out of all people.
David Brock. What a coincidence...