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Full Version: The first lady is a man
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Born Michael Robinson, he played linebacker for the Oregon State football team in 1983.
He doesn't use tampons or kotex.
He can't have babies
He hasn't started a sex change operation yet.


You might be right. But the important thing is to realize that the world stage is created by magicians and actors. The deception goes much deeper than you imagine. Practice comparing one facial feature at a time from the same angle. Nothing is as it seems.


Agree... she is a he
I can believe this.. I posted something here about her daughters being the daughters of the Dr they said delivered them... (Make sense??)
In a world where 9/11, Sandy Hook, JFK, Apollo moon landing and a thousand other insane realities are spun, falsified, covered-up, hoaxed, false flagged and otherwise perpetrated and reinterpreted...what's the big deal about a tranny 'first lady' being so controversial or 'out there' of a CT  Chuckle popnana
I'm going to pas on this one. Yes,I know all about her hands,some women really do have manly digits. Her ancestors come from South Carolina,there is a community of slave decedents on one of the islands. I read a story about them before I had even heard of Michelle Obama. All of their women are built like that.
I don't see any indication of an adams apple and that pic that supposedly shows a package is most likely thong underwear. They sometimes bunch in the front and should not be worn with form hugging dresses.
It's possible the girls are adopted though because they look nothing like the Obama's.