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Full Version: Pat McCrory-again
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Quote:RALEIGH, N.C. (AP) - The state legislature has adjourned its special session in what Democrats and hundreds of protesters says is an unconstitutional power grab by GOP legislators unhappy with the incoming Democratic governor.

Republicans call it a lawful effort to rebalance the branches of government before a new administration takes office. Democratic Gov.-elect Roy Cooper takes office in two weeks.

~The Republican-controlled legislature passed two bills - one has already been signed by outgoing Gov. Pat McCrory. It merges the State Board of Elections and State Ethics Commission into one panel and prevents Cooper from putting a Democratic majority on the state elections board in 2017.

The other bill presented to McCrory would force Cooper's Cabinet choices to face Senate confirmation.

Considering McCrory's meeting with Trump, what does this look like?
Maybe instead of focusing on Russia, we need to look more within.
Go Tarheels!! Yeah3
From the link

Quote:More than 50 protesters were arrested Thursday and Friday for disturbing House and Senate floor sessions.