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Full Version: I've been getting worried Im going to be suicided...
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mmmkay ultra

...before I get to see the final episode of Ray Donovan..

Never heard of it... good show?

mmmkay ultra

I thought I would hate it. It is a work of art..except for a couple of episodes in early season 4. They were confusingly dumb..redeemed by following episodes.

mmmkay ultra

(12-15-2016, 10:20 PM)~mc~ Wrote: [ -> ]Never heard of it... good show?

I might give it a look. Westworld just finished, Better call Saul doesn't come back until a couple of months, so I have nothing to watch now.


Careful now, Liev is strong with his support of Israel.  Shit stirring aside, he is a good actor.  Has done a good job in some bad movies.  My gal watches the show.  I never really got in to it.

PRF nli

Forgot to log in.  Was me ^^^
I own my crap posts.
I'll have to check it out... I'm bored with my shows :/

mmmkay ultra

I tried it when it was fresh and new and I couldnt get into it..but having run complety through all the good stuff on the channels decided, with a yawn, to try it again. ..and got hooked this time.
There's nothing good on anymore ...
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