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Full Version: About Trump
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The reason why he was like that in the primaries and in the election cycle was because he was taking it ALL ON! he needed to be aggressive and completely go triple down on it like hell. He knows what he's doing. He's not stupid.  I'll say a great example of this:

Think of it like a lion. When he wants something..there's NO stopping him. He goes after it aggressive and ruthless. There's nothing anybody can do to stop a lion that's hungry for it's prey or reward. Just like Trump. He saw what he needed to do, and he was ruthless like a Lion. He needed to be aggressive to take on the NWO and 16 other politicians including the biggest one of them all Hillary. He did that. 

But, once that lion has their reward. They become loyal to it. They settle down but they retain the energy and surround it, defend it and don't let anybody touch what they just got. In this sense, it's Trump the Lion and America. 

He will never give up because he has his reward in finally doing it. He was ruthless and that way during the campaign because he had to beat all that shit. That's "the art of the deal" you should really read that book. he did EXACTLY what he does in his deals, and that's why he's so successful at life. 

That's what happened here. He will be a president for the people. Even if you didn't vote for him, america once again has a LEADER for the people.

[Image: Lions-Guard-vs-Donald-Trump.jpg]