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Full Version: Pat Knowlton gang stalked as a truthful witness (Vince Foster Murder)
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Rabbit reads

Contract gang stalking has been used for along time to chill witnesses who know too much.

Long ago....Vince Foster was murdered and somehow FBI and others including GOP fat boy Ken Starr worked to cover it up.

Witnesses who are off script.....get stalked.

Happened to me for 30 years.

Never once has a punk puke loser dork at FBI or DOJ....shown any interest in discovering all the facts or policing rogue idiots hiding behind watch groups.

In South Dakota.....I became aware of numerous contract murders protected by Minn-SD FBI and SD us attorneys.

Marty Jackley was one of those jokers....and is now running for Governor of SD as a republican.


..."Starr's hand had been called. Now the grand jury had to hear Knowlton's testimony, so he was duly subpoenaed two days after the Sunday Telegraphhit the newsstands in this country. The disinterested observer can only conclude that there was great fear in the government camp over how Knowlton and his story might come across to the grand jury because of the shocking things that happened next. 

On the very evening of the day in which Knowlton received his subpoena, and the next day as well, he and his girlfriend were treated to an extraordinary campaign of intimidation and harassment by a series of men, 25 or more stern, mostly young, athletic-looking men, on the streets of Northwest Washington, DC. Meeting him on the sidewalk or coming up from behind, one after the other would fix him with a hard, cold stare. At one point, the girlfriend was on the verge of tears. "I have never witnessed anything like this before or since. It was intentional, coordinated, intimidating, and extremely unnerving," she has said in a sworn affidavit.

Some of the continuing harassment was witnessed the next evening by reporter Christopher Ruddy of the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, and he duly reported it as did Ambrose Evans-Pritchard in his London paper, but this apparent intimidation attempt of an important witness in the case of the highest ranking government official to die by gunshot since President John F. Kennedy remained completely unnewsworthy to the rest of the country, and it was not reported.

The message had been well conveyed that there would be unpleasant consequences for Mr. Knowlton should he insist on having seen things that did not support the official story, and as a bonus, his overall credibility before the grand jury would likely be undermined. "Tell us about your alleged harassment," was, in fact, how the prosecutor for Starr's team brought it up, in the midst of questioning that seemed primarily aimed at impugning his motives and painting him as a pervert.

The tactic, in a very limited and short-term sense, would seem to have been a success. Knowlton's inconvenient recollections were merely glossed over in Starr's official record. Steered that way by the prosecution, the grand jury apparently brushed Knowlton off as not the responsible citizen who insisted on doing the right thing, but as a passing kook who might be out to capitalize on a few minutes of fame. If reasons of state required that this one person had to be psychologically roughed up a bit and his reputation damaged, so be it.

But in a larger sense, the strategy was a colossal failure. 

It backfired. 

Remember the words of Jean-Denis Bredin, " But the Dreyfus not fixed in space and time. The combat of the individual against society, truth against deception, is specific neither to France nor to the end of the nineteenth century." 

The campaign to intimidate and discredit Patrick Knowlton did not work where it mattered the most; it did not work on this most important individual. It did not work on Patrick Knowlton. He did not change; no, he did not waver from his story. "I saw what I saw," he told his interrogators over and over, as he has told anyone who would listen ever since. The record shows that at least four other early witnesses remembered the Japanese car they saw in the Fort Marcy lot as brown, but they have not been so unshakeable as Knowlton."......


The color of the Honda is dispositive.

It establishes a possible suspect for the murder.

Vince's Honda was silver-grey.

Hit men drive a rusty-red Honda.

FBI tried to push the color brown....not correct.

And works with a murder theory concerning Foster's car keys not being with his body: oops

Hilary's aid....later delivered the keys to the park police office and put them in the Manila envelope?

Oops.....more coconspirators and witnesses as the obstruction spun out of control....but for Ken Starr's obstruction.

An ass us atty who was part of Starr's team.....also got COINed-stalked by NSA contractors: he ended up with a sex change to discredit. That's how good the sublim programming is: no trace evidence that is obvious to the target.

Police state always retaliates against witnesses or sources that could jeopardize credibility-power-obedience.