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Full Version: ultamite survival bunker
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no doubt trump would be at home here. the bunker is in rothenstein, Germany. no price tag added.

[Image: MGln1Sw.jpg]
[Image: pMjR7DP.jpg]
More info here 
Quote:Vivos Europa One is currently in full operational condition, ready for improvements to the common area and the 34 private living quarters.  When completed, Vivos Europa One will allow these select families to autonomously survive virtually any catastrophe or disaster for several years without needing to return to the surface.   

For several years it says. Several is 2 or three years. That many not be enough time for the air to clear if it is a nuclear incident. 

This one is located in Indiana.  They have a tab for the DNA vault at the bottom. That could be a bad move. Many of the rich breed the rich. I have noticed that many of the rich are pale and sickly looking.
So what do they do about the staff? Who is going to leave their families behind to go server the rich pricks in one of those bunkers?