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Full Version: 'Drunk' naval officer 'uses raccoon to bypass breath test then crashes vehicle after
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The petty officer's vehicle ended up in a swimming pool after the critter didn't appreciate being used, a report has claimed

Getty [Image: Raccoon.jpg]
Bizarre: A raccoon didn't appreciate being squeezed

Well, you're never going to believe this one.
But if you ever needed proof of why you really shouldn't use a raccoon to pass a breathalyser test, here it is.

An incident report has surfaced on Imgur that describes a series of events almost too farcical to believe.
According to the report, on September 15 a male naval first class petty officer left a bar in San Diego, California in an intoxicated state.
His vehicle had a breathalyser system which meant it couldn't be driven by someone over the limit.
To get round this he is alleged to have went into a nearby park and captured a raccoon that was rummaging in the bins.

[Image: Raccoon.jpg]
Navy debunks viral report of officer using raccoon for Breathalyzer test near Camp Pendleton: ‘While humorous, it’s not real’

[Image: raccoon1n-1-web.jpg]what else would they say?? Jptdknpa
I wonder if the officer was washed before being bitten after all he was in a pool.