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Full Version: Man killed after getting into a fight over religion near York U campus
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This article does not talk about what thr religion they were fighting over.

It happened at an address on Boake Street in the Village at York University neighbourhood just after midnight.
The victim, described as a man in his 20s, was without vital signs at the scene and was pronounced dead shortly after his arrival at Humber River

Police have not commented on the circumstances of the stabbing, however several witnesses told CP24 on Tuesday morning that it occurred following an argument over religion.
“Basically you know we are all friends and we were just here chilling. Then two guys had an argument about something,” one neighbor said at the scene. “They ended up verbally abusing each other and then it got to the point where one person left, went to a house, came back and that’s when the guy ended up swinging and stabbing the other man.”

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This is why people should never argue about religion.

This is why me and my friends have a no religion and politics rule when drinking Yeah