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Full Version: The grief never goes away
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'The grief never goes away': Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton join victims' families at Ground Zero on the fifteenth anniversary of 9/11

The children of those lost in the 9/11 attacks spoke movingly of their loss Sunday, as the 9/11 memorial focused on those left behind as well as those gone.
In the crowds at Ground Zero were both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, who suspended campaigning in a bipartisan show of support and respect for both those who died and those who survived the attacks.
The same day memorials occurred in two other areas directly affected by the terrible day.
One was outside the Pentagon, which was hit by American Airlines Flight 77, where President Obama spoke of the need for America to stay united.
The other was in Shanksville, Pennsylvania, where it's believed passengers on United Flight 93 crashed the plane rather than allow it to hit the terrorists' target.

glad they had change of heart to attend memorial.
Seriously though, this tragic occurrence has never or will never leave our minds as long as we as a whole,



Let's hope in time we can forgive those truly responsible.