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Full Version: Are UFOs Real? Listen to These Montana Sheriffs!
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Watching now and pinned for discussion Cheer
(09-04-2016, 08:35 AM)ChillBro Wrote: [ -> ]Watching now and pinned for discussion Cheer

I am still watching.. Just some good old boys from the West ..who recount the cattle mutilations they investigated as Sheriff's in Montana starting in the 60's.. Like all others the mystery remains unsolved..But they do provide some insight to what they found during their years of investigation. The theories and discussion are worth the watch..
at the 33 min mark the story of the UFO following a Bomber on a training run is quite interesting...

mmmkay ultra

I could copy pasta my first hand stories with back up examples that i deleted from lop because something staink. maybe..perhaps.
at the 49 min mark.. the sheriff says his high ranking contact in the military does not know what is going on with the UFO sightings..

mmmkay ultra

lmao..yeah...right. Rolleyes

mmmkay ultra

lmao..yeah...right. Rolleyes *high rank says he dont know..

My streaming data is running too low to watch it. I have to wait to get home for wifi.

mufon interviewed me in a long one in 98. It was several hours long..YAWN. I cant imagine the yawn factor..


*not moving to Montana anymore

(09-04-2016, 01:03 PM)~mc~ Wrote: [ -> ]*not moving to Montana anymore


we used to live in Marion.. (North West corner of the State) We saw Samsquanch tracks in Late March .. They were on the trail between our property and the Neighbors.. There was a patch of snow on the ground (about 4 feet wide 15 feet long and about 4 inches deep) there were 3 tracks  in the snow patch.. I forget what the first one was Left foot or Right.. But what ever made those footprints cleared the length of the Patch leaving only 3 alternating foot prints.. Meaning a fricking Long ass stride...
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