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Full Version: The Story of Annaliese Nielsen (A FSJW)
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How much of this stuff is scripted?   Obviously that young woman was another baiting for a video.  She was part of the new trend of pissing off the drivers for recognition.  THAT is the sad thing.  No way she was doing anything different.  I still hold out hope despite this shit like this.  Video, not the post, man.


wow.. she is a dumbass! Facepalm
Wow, this really fires up my electric pulse that travels down the axon until it reaches the synapses, where it then causes the release of neurotransmitters. The synapses are extremely close to the dendrites of the target neuron. This allows the neurotransmitters to diffuse across the intervening space and fit into the receptors that are located on the target neuron. This causes some action to take place in that neuron that will either decrease or increase the membrane potential of the neuron. If it increases the membrane potential (makes it more positive, or depolarizes it.) then it is exciting the neuron, and if it decreases the membrane potential (makes it more negative, or hyper-polarizes it.) then it is inhibiting the neuron. If it causes the membrane potential to pass the firing threshold then it will activate an action potential in the target neuron and send it down its axon.

PRF nli

Magus, my chakras were clenched as well.