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Full Version: Walking dead spoiler
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Ang're Burd

The Walking Dead Has Found Its Next Major Villain - TIME
thats a tv show, right..?
I freakin love the show and I think he'll do a great job with the part. As a matter of fact I just got done watching Sunday's episode "Now!"

Rick Grimes for POTUS 2016!!
Z nation is aa good one. Just enough parody to be funny. Walking dead is about people doing as they do. This should be the last season. Hope they have an end. If not it will just fade out. Is a money maker now. Ash vs the evil dead. Now that is some good zombie stuff.
This should def. not be the last season of walking dead...There is still quite a bit of comic book material to run through before they are out of ideas. In fact, they twisted and/or left out alot of the stuff from the comics that could still be woven in the story in some way or another. Not to mention the comics are still bieng pumped out so there will be a trove of new material for the next few years as long as people keep watching. I do agree they are pushing the show alittle to hard as a cash cow which will indeed eventually lead to franchise fatigue for some. Anyone else watch the spin off? I liked it, seemed kind of like a breath of fresh air as it had nothing to do with the core show or the comics.
There will for sure be a season 7 and it wouldn't surprise me if there was an 8, 9, 10....
It was either Kirkman or Gimple who said it would be amazing to make it to season 15, but that there has always been the idea of a definite ending.

Ang're Burd

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