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Full Version: Huge Discovery! Ancient Artifacts Found In Connecticut Are Over 12,000 Years Old
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Quote:Beneath the frozen earth and seven feet down, artifacts, from more than 12,000  years ago, were discovered in Avon last January.

The archeological findings were discovered while the state Department of Transportation crews excavated a site for a bridge replacement at the intersection of Route 10 and Old Farms Road.

“We knew, going into the work, during the design phases, that there was the potential to run into something archaeologically,” said Kevin Nursick, DOT spokesperson.

Archeologists and historians around the state are celebrating what is considered a major discovery.

“The significance is, this is the oldest known Paleoindian archeology site in southern New England,” said Terri Wilson, president of the Avon Historical Society.
Ooops, just seen someone already made a thread on this.
(12-16-2019, 06:41 PM)SkyCat Wrote: [ -> ]Ooops, just seen someone already made a thread on this.

Tizz okay, I love this stuff!!!
What kind of artifacts?
I wish he would have said.