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Full Version: Dennis Rawlin/g's Name Given
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When I woke up this morning I was given the name Dennis Rawlings, and it can be spelt without the g.

I found this:

There was an American with the name Dennis Rawlins he was born in 1937.

"American astronomer and historian who has acquired the reputation of skeptic primarily with respect to historical claims connected to astronomical considerations. He is known to the public mostly from media coverage of his investigations of the two most,[1] successful science hoaxes of the twentieth century.

Denis Rawlins

There is also a British company with that name.

"Floor sanding and polishing service in Minworth, England".
Hmmmmm.....why do you think you were given that? There is always a reason.
(12-04-2019, 04:41 PM)Pure Rock fury Wrote: [ -> ]Hmmmmm.....why do you think you were given that?  There is always a reason.

I shall allow it to reveal itself and unfold.

Although I ordered a freezer that was supposed to be delivered to mine today, and someone else took delivery of it in a different road.

I posted the name on the forum just in case anyone could take that name.