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Full Version: Nov 25th - Dec 20th Venus in Capricorn, UPDATED JUPITER is in CAP now for a year !!!
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6 hours ago
#Horoscopes #Astrology Monday 2nd December. Adventurous Jupiter moves out of Sagittarius and into practical Capricorn from today, for a stay of just over a year.

I have looked at this in my chart as it applies to the next year and made a blogpost for people to read.

Sometimes you have to make sure your place is all fixed up prior to moving on. Leave it, better than you found it.

So what does my birth chart say for this December,  "In the past year you've been forced to apply your ingenuity and originality in tackling difficult challenges. You've had to be firm in your dealings with people, especially those that have been a bit difficult or contrary lately. Constructive instability is the best way that I can describe recent developments. My advice is be unreasonably reasonable".

I can certainly comprehend that due to what has been going on with neighbours in close proximity. Trying to talk to neighbours about concentrating on making sure they cover their essentials instead of spending on what they can't really afford to spend their money on at this time, it isn't easy trying to help people to break their habits of money burning a whole in their pockets. People must put their essentials first, prioritise, and look after their health, or it is self-sabotage for them. They are making progress, although I think with Jupiter in Capricorn there will be no going backwards now, the only way is onwards and forwards. I appreciate that budgeting can be difficult for those that haven't engaged in it from a very young age. However, it is absolutely essential that the young ones sort it out if their lives are to prosper. They must learn to save for a rainy day, and for emergencies. Even if it is a pound a day, they have to be able to cover their expenses of living life on this planet.


Right action for my young neighbour, he's been offered an immediate move to a new location in a new build. It means that he will be closer to his family, although I will be sad to see him go after all the challenges we faced together since he first moved in next door. He's stronger now and understands more about himself than he did before, so that is great progress for him.

He's getting his life sorted, and when he leaves my location he is far more equipped to face the challenges ahead. So when he leaves, he is better than I found him.

Heartflowers  Yeah3

This verse completes the right action.

36 “Which of these three do you think was a neighbor to the man who fell into the hands of robbers?”

37 The expert in the law replied, “The one who had mercy on him.”

Jesus told him, “Go and do likewise.”

Patrick Arundell Astrology
21 hours ago
#Horoscopes #Astrology Friday 6th December. The Aries Moon squares off with Venus in Capricorn, making us eager to connect with someone who may be of help.

Interesting that today I received an invite to go out on Boxing Day for lunch.


Do you remember going to see that film?

How can you help your favourite artists from the Spoon Lady.


This made me smile it reminds me of the UK election.


8 mins from Sargon


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