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Full Version: The French Flatulist
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I'm not much for scatological humor, but this story tripped me out. (Flatulogical?)

Anyhow, this French guy was the highest paid performer in France at one time. Headlining at The Moulin Rouge (late 1800's)

Quote:A celebrity in his time, Joseph Pujol possessed extraordinary control over his farts. He could imitate cannon fire, thunderstorms, musical instruments and animal calls through the medium of fart. He also could play the flute with his ass, much to the chagrin of the flute's owner. In fact, someone wrote an ode to the fart master... Pujol became the first flatulence musician. It was a skill that eventually made him the most well-known and highest paid entertainer in all of France.

Quote:For his finale Le Pétomane (FartoManiac) inserted a rubber tube into his anus, attached an ocarina to the end of the hose, and played popular tunes while inviting the audience to sing along.

He was a great success at the Moulin Rouge and eventually opened his own theater where he continued to perform until his popularity waned during WWI. He retired from show business in 1914 and in 1945 Joseph Pujol passed away at the age of eighty-eight.

Quote:He would emit a tiny toot, label it as the fart of a ‘new bride’, then flap a thunderous emission and label it as the same bride a week into the marriage.
Now that's funny.
Can we stop the potty train?
(11-13-2019, 02:29 PM)Frigg Wrote: [ -> ]Can we stop the potty train?

I'm sorry, but it is very unusual.

I heard about him on the radio.

No more potty threads from me ever. I promise.