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Full Version: Violence breaking out in Dallas over Shootings
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Protest in Dallas over shootings in MN and Baton Rouge. Shots fired. At least one cop down and not moving. Situation escalating.
Also massive protest in NY.


I just posted this in the pinned thread ..

Watching it live right now :/


Someone has a rifle


Confirmed two police officers shot in Dallas
Someone with a rifle went cop hunting. 
Making cops even more paranoid is the worst possible thing that could happen right now. It's starting to look like a chain reaction has started.
what network are you watching MC?
I smell agent provocateur. The gunman wasn't mixed in with the protestors. It looks like he fired from an upper level in a parking garage. They don't know if he's still in there. Cops are still taking cover.


(07-07-2016, 10:19 PM)PathfinderTango Wrote: [ -> ]what network are you watching MC?

Fox News

The guy is hiding in a building


This is going to be a ongoing trend I am afraid.. Cops shooting and cops getting shot.. It's getting worse.


CBSN has it streaming, too Path..............
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