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Full Version: Navy seal drown during training.
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Sometimes these instructors take things to far. I've seen this in the Marine Corps as well. 
I hope someone gets a court martial over this. 

Coroner rules Navy SEAL trainee's drowning a homicide

A San Diego County medical examiner report has concluded that SEAL trainee Seaman James Lovelace died at the hands of instructors who violated training rules, according the report obtained by Navy Times.

When Lovelace died in May, Naval Special Warfare Command said he was participating in introductory pool training as part of the grueling Basic Underwater Demolition/SEAL course and that instructors pulled him from the pool after safety observers saw he was struggling. The death investigation, based upon video and interview, states instructors harassed and splashed Lovelace for nearly five minutes after they saw he was struggling to swim the length of the pool in utilities and boots. That harassment included dunking his head underwater at least twice — an action prohibited during this training evolution, the report said.


wow.I hadn't seen this......thanks.......