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Full Version: Top Secret Alien Tech. Recoveries
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SOM101The TOP SECRET/MAJIC EYES ONLY Special Operations Manual SOM1-01 “Extraterrestrial Entities and Technology, Recovery and Disposal” is the most important leaked UFO document ever to surface in the public domain.

The purpose was to provide instructions to military recovery units about the background of this Top Secret program and how to handle the extraterrestrial craft parts, Extraterrestrial Biological Entities (EBEs) and related propulsion and weapons while deceiving the public and media that nothing important had crashed.

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Immediately skeptics came forward and offered numerous claims of fakery, ranging from ad hominem attacks to the typical position that if it didn’t follow the security procedures in detail, it must be phony. All these objections are discussed and addressed within this website and the website. As one digs deeper into the content, alleged fakery and anachronisms the probability that the document is total authentic and completely genuine keeps increasing.

“We know working with E.T.s is extremely important inside the government
and there’s a continual effort to cover it up and keep it secret and hidden.”

– Ryan Wood, Manager, and
The primary investigators, Dr. Robert M. Wood and Ryan S. Wood rate the probability of SOM1-01 as being authentic as 94% and 97% respectively.

Leaked Majestic 12 pdf here:


The Top Secret Operation Majestic-12 was established by order of President Harry S. Truman in 1947.
Operation Majestic-12, was created to take charge of the technical, sociological and other aspects of the crashed UFOs and the small alien occupants, dead or alive, that were recovered. In later years this operation evolved into and became known as MAJI (the Majority Agency for Joint Intelligence).
MAJI is the most secret of all intelligence groups and out-ranks all other intelligence agencies including the National Security Agency (NSA) and the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA).
MAJI is responsible directly and "only" to the President of the United States.
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The TOP SECRET / MAJI project control group is responsible for every aspect of interface with the alien life forms including security and intelligence, and disinformation to prevent public or foreign disclosure of the alien presence. (This is why all documents referring to "MJ-12" or any other form of that name are wrong).
MAJI is on-going in Washington DC.
MAJIC: Is the security classification of all MAJI and Aquarius information. MAJIC means "MAJI CONTROLLED." MAJIC is the highest security classification in the nation.
MJ-1: DIRECTOR OF MAJI. The Director of the CIA is usually MJ-1 and reports only to the President. Other members of MAJI are designated MJ-2, MJ-3, MJ-4, etc. This is the reason MJ-12 cannot be used as a name for the control group as it would cause confusion in meaning, i.e., (Is it referring to MJ-12 the person or MJ-12 the group.) Any reference to MJ-12 is to a person and nothing else. References and documents referring to "MJ-12" as a "Group" are incorrect.
MAJI, originally was known as Majestic-12, a group consisting of twelve members.
This group was made up of a team representing selected government officials, U.S. intelligence personnel, highly trained scientists, business executives and military personnel. All were sworn to total secrecy. MAJI has continued its covert activities with the knowledge and consent of the last eight Presidents.

The group continues to function today and has had the responsibility of establishing an ongoing relationship dating from 1964, with UFO beings (the Greys) from the third planet of the star system Zeta Reticuli.

Information forwarded to and the activity of MAJI has always been assigned an Above "Top Secret classification," known as MAJIC.
MAJI, to conceal its existence, adopted the cover name of "Majestic-12." It created numerous covert and compartmented sub-divisions such as Projects Aquarius, Sigma, Snowbird and Garnet, to name a few. These projects were sheltered by MAJI and directed by select personnel of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and the National Security Agency (NSA).

By secret Executive Memorandum NSC 5410, Eisenhower had preceded NSC 5412/1 in 1954 to establish a permanent committee to be known as Majority Twelve to oversee and conduct all covert activities concerned with the alien question. NSC 5412/1 was created to explain the purpose of these meetings when Congress and the news media became curious.
Majority Twelve was made up of:
Nelson Rockefeller
the director of the CIA Allen Welsh Dulles
the Secretary of State John Foster Dulles
the Secretary of Defense Charles E. Wilson
the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Admiral Arthur W. Radford
the Director of the FBI J. Edgar Hoover
six men from the executive committee of the Council on Foreign Relations known as the "Wise Men"
These men were all members of a secret society of scholars that called themselves "The Jason Society," or "The Jason Scholars" who recruited their members from the "Skull and Bones" and the "Scroll and Key" societies of Harvard and Yale.

The "Wise Men" were key members of the Council on Foreign Relations. There were twelve members including the first six from Government positions thus Majority Twelve.
This group was made up over the years of the top officers and directors of the Council on Foreign Relations and later the Trilateral Commission.
Gordon Dean
George Bush
Zbigniew Brzezinski,
...were among them.
The most important and influential of the "Wise Men" who served on Majestic-12 were,
John McCloy
Robert Lovett
Averell Harriman
Charles Bohlen
George Kennan
Dean Acheson