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Full Version: Steven Seagal: Mass Shootings in the US are "Engineered"
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Geeeee Steven gets it right

They will never disarm America we didn't fall from a pumpkin truck yesterday .

Truer words were never spoken. Had a conversation with a couple of buds today that aren't remotely close to CT's. Spot on, they both stated the obvious. From there the subject went to 2nd amendment. I can safely say that most of the population knows what's up, and are waiting for the fallout. When TSHTF, elitists in this country better be offshore
Git'em, Steve. Don't let the sheeple think these are random events by
ding bats. They all follow the same silly pattern.
Even the MSM gets out the same talking points every time.

[Image: Hard-To-Kill-01-sg.gif]
He's right you know
Like I said in many posts the REAL powers that control the world (most of it anyway and that is why we are always on a war path to get control of the few hold out countries) are the ones whom have very deep embedded people and those are the ones whom set up this crap to meet the agenda's of these people, since we don't know what those agenda's are, it does not always make any sense to us. What we do know is they want total control of the world, population reduction, and HOW they intend to get there is the scary part as they will do ANYTHING to obtain these goals. They will do killing of innocents in a heart beat to meet these agenda's goals as we are NOTHING to them except slaves that are expendable and that includes women and children.
The more we learn about the guys in Dayton and El Paso, the more it seems like they did both go into some kind of "robot" mode.

El Paso was programmed to shoot brown people, and then calmly left the scene. The guy in Dayton was just programmed to shoot, even unknowingly killing his own sister. At this point it seems like his sister getting shot was not a result of him targeting her.
OKC was engineered
Attacks on 9-11 were engineered
Waco was engineered
etcetera etcetera etcetera
Maybe even the ssssssssssssssssssssame crissssssssssssssssisssssssssssssss actor assssssssssssssssss well

[Image: crisis-2.jpg]
They started with MK-Ultra subjects and seems they have evolved way beyond the old mind control stuff, with the break thru in electronic mind control who knows what they can now do.
I know my thread (Watch this) with the Icke video didn't get a lot of views...and not a lot of accolades...but seriously

Icke fucking nails it for craziness...just calling it all out.

you should watch it.

This is all a push for a centralized, one world government and that is not a conspiracy theory.

The evidence is all around us but most people are too dumbed down and distracted to notice it

Nearly all of the mass shootings are being used as a tool to disarm the people and destroy all of our constitutional liberties. That is not to say all of them are false flags or fakes/hoaxes...BUT all of them are being used to destroy liberty...period.

Nowadays...according to the FBI.... being a conspiracy theorist is an act of domestic terrorism...which is code for..."if you do not accept the official narrative on everything...we will come looking for you and silence you".

Wanting to preserve liberty these days makes you a Nazi...I still cannot wrap my brain around that cognitive dissonance...liberty does not equal Nazi in any dictionary anywhere.

Pointing out that the government has lied to the people so many times no one believes them anymore is a conspiracy theory....Gulf of Tonken....WMD's in Iraq...etc...etc..etc

I always looked at liars like this...screw me once, shame on you...screw me twice...shame on me. You don't get to screw me don't get to lie to me twice.

Oh well...segal is right.

I always liked the guy...his later movies were kind of dumb but his early stuff was pretty good
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