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Full Version: The Far left is mad because Trump said Al Sharpton hates whites & Cops.
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29 Jul 2019

The Far left is mad because Trump said Al Sharpton hates whites & Cops.

Quote:Dear America,

Let me introduce you to the REAL Al Sharpton. The "con man", and "racist."

Watch him show his hatred for white people and police officers: "Go OFF (kill) Crackers and Pigs."

This is who the left is defending. Make this go viral and feel free to use. #MAGA

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Quote:Al Sharpton Defends Racist Rants: 'It Was Only One Jew'
In the spirit of Donald Sterling, shouldn't Al Sharpton be banned from TV? Sterling's racist rant
was at least done in private while Sharpton's tirades were intended for public consumption.

But to hear Al Sharpton say it, he's not racist because he was only disparaging one Jewish dude. Great defense there, "Reverend."

Al Sharpton is a Racist He wants white people and COPS dead!

They're always mad about something.
If they can't something to be angry about they make something up.
If the far left is mad, its means POTUS has struck another nerve.

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Maybe Trump has old one sided Al won't shut up Sharpton a little hot under the collar...
One of my all time favorite baseball teams:

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Suck it, Sharpton.
Al Sharpton = All Sharp Tongue & No Brains.