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Full Version: *MERGED*Once upon a time in Hollywood billboard defaced!
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‘Once Upon a Time in Hollywood’ billboard defaced with Jeffrey Epstein, Roman Polanski pics!

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[img]See this Instagram photo by @unsavoryagents[/img]
Right-Wing Street Artist Hijacks Billboards, Slams Epstein, Allen and Polanski

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A giant billboard for Once Upon a Time in Hollywood has been hijacked by right-wing street artist Sabo to take aim at pedophiles Roman Polanski and Jeffrey Epstein.

The billboard on Pico and La Cienega in Hollywood now reads “Once Upon a Time in Pedowood.” Sabo also replaced the faces of Brad Pitt and Leonardo DiCaprio with the infamous predators.

“I wanted to bring around the problem of pedophilia in Hollywood both past and the present,” Sabo told the Gateway Pundit. “I felt using this movie was a great vehicle to do that. I haven’t seen the story yet but I hear it includes within the story in the Tate murders executed by Charles Mason. Manson killed Polanski’s wife. Polanski is a convicted pedophile and so is Epstein. I thought they should share a billboard together to bring attention to a problem that has plagued Hollywood for decades.”

Once Upon a Time in Hollywood is based on the murder of Sharon Tate, who happened to be married to Polanski at the time of her death. He has been on the run since 1978 for sexually abusing a 13-year-old girl.

Polanski has continued to make blockbuster films with much of Hollywood’s biggest names constantly defending him.

Likewise, Epstein is known for his star-studded parties and social circle.

Sabo didn’t just take over the billboard, he also redid an ad on a bus stop bench which now features Epstein and accused child molester Woody Allen. Along with marrying one of his adopted children that he helped to raise, he is also accused of molesting his adoptive daughter, Dylan Farrow, when she was 7.

[Image: 2-134-600x338.jpg]

Like Epstein and Polanski, Allen has also enjoyed strong defense from the Hollywood elite.

Read the comments, They're priceless.    Lmao

Didn’t see that last one! Nice find!
Merging and pinning Jptdknpa
(07-26-2019, 06:54 PM)DeadpoolLovesYou Wrote: [ -> ]Lmao

Lmao Lmao
I will say one thing. It takes some balls to crawl up to the height of the sign surreptitiously, without anyone noticing the work in progress.

I did stuff like this when I was a kid. None of it was political. Mischief.

Just things like girls panties at the top of a radio tower flying like a flag!

Ballsy and brilliant.
Thanks for the pin @SoldiersAngel !

And thanks go out to @Rodent because I think we were only seconds apart in posting. Good find!
That's Sabo's work.

Great stuff.

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