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Full Version: Glenn Beck Says Obama is a Racist..
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and the Medias reaction (Then)

Medias reaction Then

and the Media now...

Trumps comments will not age well (Media Now)

Sorry, but every time I hear or read the words, "Glenn Beck says..." my brain shuts off. It's a self-preservation reaction. Eyeroll

The news may be true (and in this case it is a proven fact), but I always need a credible source to back-up anything that shill says.

I used to like Becks beer but then it all started tasting Foxed
(07-26-2019, 12:27 PM)None Wrote: [ -> ]I used to like Becks beer but then it all started tasting Foxed

I am not a fan of Beck..In this case look at the video about Obama being a racist and why he said it.. He spells it all out..Look at the MSM reaction..

Fast Forward to 2018 where almost the entire MSM is now calling Trump a racist.. Why don't they apply the same standard they did to Beck?? (You don't have to answer this it is rhetorical)
Politics quite being fun about the time that annoying Boswell was stalking the gentleman with the rash. It seems so internally self referential when you get older it starts to look like someone wadded up a ball of fly paper.
Political Tropes are like TV Tropes, they repeat. Inverse, Reverse, Converse in Perpetuum.
He is
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