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Full Version: The Dark Side of Solomon
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Part 32: The Dark Side of Solomon

The Kabbalah is a Luciferian religion dating back to the time of Moses. It was preserved by oral tradition and King Solomon developed it further and set the stage for the Antichrist. In the Kabbalah, people have a number name and Solomon's number was 666. This is a number most Christians are familiar with since it is mentioned in the Book of Revelation and associated with the Antichrist. However, few have read about King Solomon in the Old Testament and don't know that when Jesus spoke about the number 666 in the Book of Revelation, it wasn't just a reference to the Man of Sin, but was an important clue linking a number to a man, connecting the past with the future. Prophets like Isaiah, Jeremiah and Ezekiel spoke against the Kabbalah and John the Baptist and Jesus identified and condemned its practitioners as heretics, who falsely believe they can serve God by sinning. King Solomon outdid all people in his apostasy and died as a worshiper of Lucifer. All political ideologies have a religious foundation and the Antichrist system will be a political system imposing a Luciferian religion known as the Kabbalah. That is King Solomon's legacy.

Haven't listened to the vid yet to have a yay or nay opinion, bit the subject matter sounds interesting. Thanks, @Treebeard

Edit:. Did some quick reading about who John Torrell is and am not too impressed. He seems to have a viewpoint and tries to make the Bible fit into that framework of it vs having the Bible be the framework with what shapes his views. Just a first impression. Still, will give a listen later and do appreciate the thread.