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Full Version: Iran warns it will breach uranium stockpile limits in 10 days
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“The countdown has begun:” Iran warns it will breach uranium stockpile limits in 10 days
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Iran certainly isn’t planning on backing down in the face of Washington’s accusations about the country’s role in last week’s tanker bombings, and as a result, the possibility of a boots-on-the-ground military conflict in the Islamic Republic cannot yet be ruled out. Making an already tense situation infinitely more precarious, Iran on Monday reminded the world that it’s preparing to violate the terms of the Iran deal during the next ten days.

By increasing its stockpiles of enriched uranium, Iran is bound to elicit accusations that it’s once again working on a nuclear bomb. Tehran has always maintained that its nuclear program is for peaceful purposes, but American neocons like John Bolton have warned that this was merely a ruse and that Iran could target American allies like Israel with a missile.

From today, the countdown has begun, and by June 27, our uranium production will have surpassed 300kg,” Kamalvandi said.


Lets help them set it off....send them to the moon gods..
Here's what I think may be happening.

China and possibly Russia have told Iran that they have their backs if they can elicit a military response from POTUS.

"Keep poking PDJT in the chest because we all know he loves the fight"

They don't realize we have a new boss.  The old one wanted to drop fliers before bombing because he didn't want his army of filthy muzzies vaporized.  

The military isn't hamstrung with the same rules of engagement that they were with Bammy running the show.  A current operation would be quick and decisive.  

Get all of the beautiful Persian women out of harms way first.