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Full Version: Director Franco Zeferrelli Passes ~ God Bless His Soul
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God Bless Franco Zeferelli . . . who accurately captured the heart and soul of Shakespeare's "Romeo and Juliet" for this then teenage girl.

This movie changed my life like no other ever has.  The sheer beauty was and remains breathtaking.


That movie was so good our local schools had most ALL of us go to the movies on a day trip to see this movie paid for by the school.

Full Throttle

[Image: 185px-Animation_candle_flame.gif]
Gian Franco Corsi Zeffirelli

looks like he had a long productive life....

Robinson says that he based the lecherous character of Uncle Monty in the film Withnail and I on Zeffirelli
I saw that one 3 Times on the Big Screen . My Favorite Film by far .

A Rose will Bloom It then will fade

So does a Youth So does the Fairest Maid

Thanks Mr . Z . That was the best .



Franco Zeferelli is blessed.

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