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Full Version: Facebook Sucks.... But...
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Yeah, I hate it too. That's why I hardly ever log in. I only have it because some relatives and friends don't know any other way to communicate important things. Every month or so I begrudgingly log in to see if there is anything that matters lodged in between all the useless banter.

Well, this time I waited so long to check that I was almost a month behind everyone else finding out that one of my friends/girlfriends from high school/early college years died unexpectedly.

Someone had started a group chat and added all these people I haven't talked to in ages from back in the day. I had to scroll through weeks of replies just to see what happened and that I already missed the funeral. All the condolences had already been shared .. all the stories and remembering quotes, etc...

It was kind of a double gut punch in that it not only happened.. but that I was the last one to know.

She had "beaten" breast cancer a few years ago and I don't even think this was related. Still haven't followed through to find out what actually happened. All I know is she felt bad and husband took her to hospital and a couple hours later she died. Only in her late 40s. Worked in Nursing / Health field.

You just never know when....

At least I did have lunch with her a couple years ago when i went home to visit my parents, and we got to catch up on our adult lives a little bit. I just wish I had said nicer things and been more present.

I don't know if I have a point... just remember to check in on the people you care about now and then. It doesn't have to be Fbook.. If they are important enough you should be emailing them at least anyways. It is more personal.
Hate to hear that. Heartflowers


I’m sorry you lost your friend

I am sorry for you loss and thank you for expressing your feelings here to us. I agree with everything you said and it's tough sometimes when you have to look back. It's good you did see her recently...don't beat yourself up too bad over the rest.

Sorry brother...Heartflowers

Full Throttle

Sorry dude!
Its hard losing someone you have special memories of. Just remember them is all you can do now.

Sorry for your loss
Send in the clowns...the clowns will cheer you up.
Remember when "they" told you to never post your a/s/l into the chatroom?

Mark Zuckerberg was one of those perverts that asked for a/s/l in those chatrooms. He couldn't get information from anyone in the chatrooms. Then he got the idea to make a site that would have idiots post that info.
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