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Full Version: THE SALLIE HOUSE: The Most Haunted House In America found in Kansas
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It has been called not only the most haunted house in Kansas—but in the entire country.
Built in the mid-1800s in the growing community of Atchison, the home on 508 N. Second Street has seen its fair share of owners through the years, including the family of a 6-year-old girl named Sallie, who died in the home during a botched appendicitis surgery.

It wasn’t until the mid-1990s when Sallie’s story first gained both local and national attention, when then-owners Tony and Debra Pickman lived in the home and began noticing strange occurrences, including attacks on Tony, unexplained voices, and apparent burnt finger marks upon mysteriously burning candles. After extensive investigations conducted by the Kansas Paranormal Group, it was discovered that Sallie wasn’t the only ghost haunting the home, but a middle-aged woman as well (who is said to have been behind the more frightening attacks).


The Sallie House story is in a class by itself. There have been full-bodied apparitions and objects flying through the air. Items have moved, been misplaced or lost only to reappear or show up later or at another location. Phantom furniture has been heard along with thumps, thuds, knocks, scratching, and the sounds of animals and disembodied human voices.
Although some have been heard with the naked ear, there have been an amazing amount of EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena) captured, further depicting the voices of men, women and children. Many have experienced extreme smells.
Lastly, and most famously, there has been physical harm to the occupants and investigators in the form of scratches, burns and cuts. Although the majority of these attacks have often been centered on Tony Pickman, there have been a few others who have also been the focus of the physical harassment.


A torturous death.
So the story of the Sallie house starts right here, and it goes something like this.
Dr Charles Finney was at home one evening when there was a frantic banging on his front door, when he opened the door he was faced with his neighbour who was carrying her screaming young daughter Sallie.
There was no doubt that Sallie needed medical attention right away, so he took Sallie from her mother's arms and laid her upon a table top.

The doctor thought that Sallies appendice had ruptured and she needed to to operated on straight away.
Sallie being in torturous pain had to be held down by the doctor with one hand while he tried to sedate her with his other, it wasn’t until he cut into her flesh with his razor sharp scalpel did he realise that Sallie was very much awake.Her screams traveled through the house and no doubt the whole street and all that her helpless mother could do was stand there and watch as her daughter was operated on AWAKE but the doctor did not stop.
Sallie died right there on his table from blood loss and shock.


The house that stands on north second street in Atchison, Kansas, was built between 1867 and 1871, and it has become known as the Sallie House because of the documented haunting that occurred while Debra and Tony Pickman lived there during the 1990’s. In 1866, the land where the “Sallie House” now stands, was purchased by Michael C. Finney, and between 1867 and 1871, the Finney family moved in and made it their home. For nearly a century, a Finney has either lived in the house or owned the property.

It is believed that the Finney family lived first in the basement, while the rest of the house was being completed. By 1871, the family was more than likely living in the house. On September 27, 1872, Michael C. Finney died in the house at 10 pm. He left behind a wife, two sons, a daughter, and one son on the way. May 25, 1873 Richard Edwin was born to the late Michael Finney and his wife Kate. Edwin joined his father on September 29, 1874. Kate Finney’s father, Charles Kathrens Sr., also died that year, on July 14. After the death of his father, James, the eldest son, built a house next door in 1879.

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