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Full Version: Is This Intelligence Group Responsible For The Q Anon Conspiracy Theory?
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The Q Anon saga has been without a doubt the most effective and fascinating conspiracy theory in recent history, incorporating many aspects of information warfare that have become commonplace since the political upheavals of 2016. The theory, which posits that a group of benevolent government insiders are waging a war against evil “deep state” plotters attempting to overthrow President Donald Trump, is a Frankenstein of various themes that have pervaded conspiracy circles in recent years. Although some such as Wikileaks have speculated that intelligence organizations invented the conspiracy and other media outlets have delved into the identities of the individuals who first promoted it online the wider responsible group was never investigated.

New research reveals that a loose network including an organization known as Joint Task Force – Make America Great Again (JTFMAGA) made up of intelligence whistleblowers, alternative media figures and individuals with a known history of virally spreading information online was most likely responsible for inventing “Q Anon.”

About six months ago there were reports that the Anonymous cabal was going to expose Q-Anon. That obviously hasn't happened. I checked a few of the most recent pages on the thread here, and I didn't see anything about new Q-drops.
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