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Full Version: White SA farmer attacked and killed for voicing opinion on land seizures
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Coming to the US ? Maybe....
The ANC (African National Congress) which is the ruling political party in South Africa has offices in Chicago, Baltimore and Detroit. Go figure.....
Sad. So sad we let demons running around doing as they wish. Soon it will be time to collect scalps.
It was less than a year ago when the MSM was saying the stories of murder and violence against white SA farmers were untrue and just another racist thing that President Trump was saying to spread fear against non whites. Whaaaaat? He was telling the truth?
Trump Cites False Claims of Widespread Attacks on White Farmers in South Africa
CAPE TOWN, South Africa — President Trump waded into South Africa’s proposal to seize land from white farmers, saying in a post on Twitter late Wednesday that he had asked Secretary of State Mike Pompeo to “closely study” the “the large scale killing of farmers” — a claim disputed by official figures and the country’s biggest farmer’s group.
Mr. Trump’s comment came after the Fox News host Tucker Carlson presented a late-night program on South Africa, including land seizures and homicides, and described President Cyril Ramaphosa as “a racist.”