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Full Version: Education: Math Teachers Should Be More Like Football Coaches
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Let me tell you about my high school days and Coach Joe Tonso.  He was a hard ass.  He was my math teacher for 3 years and he was the coach of the football team.  He was a real prick but did he ever hammer mathematics into my brain.  Good job coach!

That style of motivation could help in the classroom, too.

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Growing up, I thought math class was something to be endured, not enjoyed. I disliked memorizing formulas and taking tests, all for the dull goal of getting a good grade. In elementary school, my mind wandered so much during class that I sometimes didn’t respond when I was called on, and I resisted using the rote techniques we were taught to use to solve problems. One of my teachers told my mother that I was “slow” and should repeat a grade.

But my problem wasn’t with math itself. In fact, I spent countless hours as a child doing logic and math puzzles on my own, and as a teenager, when a topic seemed particularly interesting, I would go to the library and read more about it.

By high school, none of my teachers questioned my mathematical talent, but none of them really encouraged it, either. No one told me that I could become a professional mathematician. And frankly, that was fine with me. I had no desire to spend my life doing exercises out of a textbook, which is what I assumed mathematicians did — if I even thought about what they did.

What I wanted to do was play college football. I was an offensive lineman. My hero was Jake Long, the starting left tackle for the University of Michigan who would later be selected first in the N.F.L. draft. My ambition was to get an athletic scholarship to attend a Big Ten school.

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Yes, I know it is the libtard rag The NY Times.  But it is pertinent as to how we teach our children mathematics.

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