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Full Version: Here is another one
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in an interest to remind everyone that am not left or right but I am for individual liberty and personal responsibility

you need to check this out. I would not post thus if I could not say I have noticed the same things

but I have noticed....there is something wrong

you better have a garden that you can pollinate yourself.....otherwise

well think it through for yourself


you posted two of these on accident so I delete one. (in case you were wondering )

When I have been away, it is not like I have been under a rock

there is much to see and much to think and talk about

we are approaching a is not going to be easy to pick a path

we have to think this through

they mean to rip away your liberty and constitutional rights

do you get this?

Now there are problems that we need to address...but we need to do it as individuals

not as a government mandate

think this through before you jump on board
Liberty is all that mater and through liberty and free will, there is no problem that we cannot overcoome

the government is not the answer and has never been an answer.....ever