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Full Version: Did Aliens Terraform Earth?
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While it may have been beyond our reach in the past to embark on such an ambitious project, it seems we are on the cusp of being able to terraform Mars. Of course there would be much debate about such a mission as some would argue that there may already exist life on Mars that we could destroy in the terraforming process. However, a second Earth like planet for humans could help humanity and other earthly life exist longer as we remove our dependency on a single planet.
The possibility of terraforming a planet does beg the question, “If we can transform a planet that is void of life, then did someone out there in the universe terraform Earth eons ago?”. If so, that would imply we have a creator. The video below talks about sending bio-engineered life forms to Mars to survive and transform its unique environment. Could we then have been bio-engineered by a sophisticated alien species or a creator of some kind?


Perhaps our earth is being used by off-planet entities for its resources, and the planet is being actively terraformed to maximize the efficiency of resource extraction.

Terraforming is,
"the hypothetical process of deliberately modifying its (a planet's) atmosphere, temperature, surface topography or ecology to be similar to the environment of Earth to make it habitable by Earth-like life."
They use the term hypothetical because as far as we know it has never been done, however, a holistic look at events on earth at present fit the description of terraforming, except in reverse...

Earth is being terraformed to look like some other place.

Writer V. Susan Ferguson wonders if an extraterrestrial race is already here, in the millions, and if the planet is being altered to be more favorable to their particular needs.
"They are Terraforming our Earth to make it suitable for the hybrids that are now said to number in the millions.

A planet that has been slowly chemically altered, made physically denser, warmer, drier and slightly more radioactive and methane-rich is evident.

The insanity of building nuclear power plants next to ocean shores as in Fukushima show an intent to increase radiation.

The melting of the Arctic, Greenland, and Antarctica is causing the release of vast amounts of methane. Are the hybrids immune to large amounts of radiation and methane.

Do aluminum resistant GMOs agree with their immune systems?"


Years of research through the myths of the world convinced me of one thing: this planet, the Earth, was in its infancy a wild, inhospitable planet that intelligent beings had the task of terraforming. These astronauts are the Former Gods of all religions and mythologies.
What is terraforming? It’s the art of taming a wild planet. Make it a planet whose geographical, atmospheric and climatic conditions are compatible with human life. The task is tough. It requires the simultaneous or successive intervention of many specialists in all kinds of sectors. In turn, we are preparing to terraform the planet Mars. NASA anticipates a delay of several centuries before Mars is habitable. It is well below reality. The terraforming of our planet has lasted billions of years. It took place in seven phases that Genesis calls the seven days of creation.
Stakeholders are handpicked professionals. Star visitors do not come for sightseeing. They have a mission: to make this planet habitable. They are called terraformers. Their living conditions must be comfortable, their laboratories and factories, ultra performing. This requires considerable resources, an unlimited budget, for achievements necessarily grandiose.

They got assistants to help them. Their basic workers were the giants, sometimes very big. They move by walking or flying. While Greek mythology called them cyclops, some religions called them angels. The French word ange is none other than géant in reverse. Giant angels can flush mountains, drain swamps, open roads and waterways, divert rivers, build dikes, and lift huge stones. They are the builders of pyramids and other cyclopean constructions.
We find the distant memory of their prowess in the legends according to which the fairies would have built the dolmens. How could beings as tiny as fairies lift the huge blocks of the Roche aux Fées? Fairies have wings like angels. They are immaterial like them, and capable of incarnation, like them. They know how to make themselves visible to humans, like the archangel Gabriel and all the angels. They are transformists, like angels, being able to vary their size, their appearance, and even their sex. So, yes, we can say that the fairies built the dolmens and lifted the menhirs. They are of the same family as the angels. To those who still imagine that the legends are piping, I ask to think about the meaning of the Latin word legenda: deserving to be read. The facts they tell deserve to be hear.


God works in mysterious ways.
YUP!!! Yeah3
More than likely I'd say !
No, Deceptive Fallen Angels did!
They did a horrible job.

Leaky roof and the AC/Heater is out of order. Deadly mold everywhere.

Full Throttle

When did this Terra forming happen? I must be out of the loop, wasn't aware the Earth had been Terra Formed.

What Aliens? Got a name for them? Where did they come from? Why did, or would they do this?

Sounds like BS.
Some one did, had to get rid of those pesky dinosaurs cuz early man would`a been a constant source of appetizers.
(05-05-2019, 04:52 PM)Full Throttle Wrote: [ -> ]When did this Terra forming happen?   I must be out of the loop, wasn't aware the Earth had been Terra Formed.

What Aliens? Got a name for them?  Where did they come from?  Why did, or would they do this?

Sounds like BS.

Try reading the Sumerian Texts, will enlighten you some.
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