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Full Version: We are witnessing in our world today something that if we do not waken up we will never turn it back
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"We are witnessing in our world today something that if we do not waken up we will never turn it back"
Nobel Peace Prize winner, Mairead Maguire, accepts GUE/NGL Prize on behalf of Julian Assange
Posted April 18 2019

The amount of sacrifice and risk for one person to even attempt to do anything that hinders any elitist plan is well not worth it for the individual who will probably in the end not actually stop these things from occurring. Every battle seems to be on their terms, where they are in control. I don’t think there’s anything we could do to stop any of this. These are stepping stones towards long term goals, just hindering a mere stepping stone could take someone’s entire life. I always like to know the truth and where things really stand though. And when anything does “go down” that directly affects our life, what’re we prepared to do, what are we even capable of? Especially with the majority of people taking things for what they are, because it’s easier I suppose? I think some people choose to put all of their trust in their government because there’s just too much daily stress already, add that the entire system you live under basically wants you to fail and die, can make things feel pretty dark.

I'm not sure what to do anymore I to have had issues with government; for just saying what they think is to much .
We are dealing with a world agenda it's not politics as we know of it from mainstream . Mainstream as we know it; along with politics as we know it; is not a thing more than a dog and pony show .
If Julian Assange is transferred to America I will be making a lot of noise in places unexpected ... CSB