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Full Version: 3 dead, 2 police officers injured after day-long hostage standoff in Georgia
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Quote:Three people are dead, including an alleged hostage taker, after a day-long standoff in Georgia. A pregnant woman and her teenage son were killed, according to Atlanta ABC affiliate WSB.

Two police officers were also injured in the incident, authorities said.
The standoff, which began just before 11 a.m. in Henry County, a southeast suburb of Atlanta, crawled on for 15 hours before police entered the home and found three people dead inside, WSB reported.

The two police officers were shot when they responded to the home Thursday morning. Both are in stable condition at Grady Memorial Hospital. One officer was shot in the hand and another was struck in the hip, police said.

Later in the article it describes how they finally had to release gas cannisters into the home. They think the suspect shot himself.
Poor people, so sad..