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Full Version: “The end is nigh. She will be gone in 10 days.”
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A full-scale Cabinet coup against Prime Minister Theresa May is now underway

Theresa May's Cabinet in Open Revolt, Plotting Overthrow: Times

sorry if you saw my thread title and thought it meant RBG

Full Throttle


Seems it's all died down. They're all behaving again and playing like good little children.
Good riddance to her. What a mess she has created.
Wow. Open revolt like that, even for a moment, indicates turbulent waters underneath. At that point, it won't ever become truly serene till she goes or the revolting party loses power....
I think the N.W.O. wants the European Union cause it is just a big piece of the jigsaw puzzle. I think Teresa is right to leave, but I don't think it will happen. They should of thought of this before they got into it.