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Full Version: Libtards defend the "Right" to Drive By Shoot People
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Rose was riding in an unlicensed taxi that had been involved in a drive-by shooting minutes earlier when Rosfeld pulled the car over and shot the teenager in the back, arm and side of the face. Neither Rose nor another teen in the taxi was holding a weapon when the officer opened fire, though two guns were later found in the vehicle.

...shot the teenager WHEN HE RAN AWAY FROM POLICE

Freedom Corner in the Hill District neighborhood,* the historic center of black cultural life in Pittsburgh
*the first place someone walked around with his underwear showing?

The mostly white crowd then marched through downtown Pittsburgh and other city neighborhoods, periodically blocking streets as they chanted, "Who did this? Police did this!" The protest soon moved onto the University of Pittsburgh campus. Police reported no immediate arrests or injuries.

Police stopped a car in which two gun toting hoods had conducted a drive-by shooting, and shot the violent criminals as they fled.
If those "youths" looked like me they'd be locked up already

Police put officers on 12-hour shifts until further notice. The verdict late Friday in the deadly shooting of 17-year-old Antwon Rose II angered his family and civic leaders
In they mayhem of confrontation between police and violent gang-bangers, the police officer may have reacted incorrectly, but the simple reality is ....

1. Don't do a drive by shooting and you won't be pulled over.
2. When pulled over, don't run away from police who are afraid you are an armed shooter.

To call the police officer a killer is just out of touch with reality
Poor innocent Antwon... He didn do nuffin.

If a cop says freeze and draws on you-you either freeze or face the consequences.

Whether the cop is wrong or not...