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Full Version: Artificial Intelligence Turned Bob Ross into a Terrifying Psychedelic Nightmare
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Quote:These days, the late Bob Ross seems closer to us than ever. The Joy of Painting episodes are streaming on YouTube, Netflix, and even Twitch, and he's even unknowingly launched an ASMR role-playing fantasy subculture. Another kind of Ross revival today comes in the form of the deep dream video from designer, artist, and roboticist Alexander Reben, Deeply Artificial Trees. This time, the results aren't just visual, though the animal-based neural network aesthetics are still here and more phantasmagorical than ever. Reben adds to the overall trippiness by processing Bob Ross's voice as if AI were resurrecting him in a cyberdelic-infused drug trip.



This gave me a headache...I couldn't watch more than a few seconds.

This reminds me of googles DeepDream AI program. (A bunch of LSD looking graphics with eyes).

That crap has always creeped me out.
Leave Bob ALONE
Bob was a good painter, he doesn't need AI. Hahahahaha
Somebody fed AI DMTtttttttttt