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Full Version: Swedes who fought in Waffen-SS during WWII still receive 'Hitler pensions
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Seventy-four years after the fall of the Third Reich, the German government is still paying foreign soldiers injured while assisting the Nazi war effort, including two Swedes who served in the armed unit of the SS.
Last week, Berlin assured that none of the 15 Swedish citizens receiving compensation for war-injuries had been members of the paramilitary Schutzstaffel organization. However, Swedish paper Dagens Nyheter has determined that at least two of those receiving monthly payments from Germany are indeed former Waffen-SS members.

Karl von Zeipel and Jan Dufv fought in the SS’ Aryan-only ‘Viking’ tank division which directly engaged in the destruction of civilian populations in Nazi-occupied territory, although the data does not indicate if the two mentioned personally participated in the war-crimes.

The report shows that Dufv took part in the Nazi conquest of Norway, fought communist partisans in the Balkans and likely even met with Heinrich Himmler, one of the main architects of the Holocaust. After the war, Von Zeipel fled to Spain where many Nazis took refuge under Francisco Franco’s regime.

Around 200 Swedes fought for the Reich in World War II, and were promised a lifetime of compensation payments in the event of injury on the same terms as German soldiers by Hitler himself. Data from the German Labour Ministry shows that 2,033 of “Hitler’s pensioners” still exist worldwide as of February. Whereas many became entitled to payments after being forced into service during the occupation, the fact that Sweden was never taken over by the Nazis strongly indicates that those who fought with them signed on voluntarily.
This has gone on in a lot of places. Nazis living quietly in former enemy territory collecting pensions.

Canada admits letting in 2,000 Ukrainian SS troopers

By Tom Tugend | February 7, 1997

LOS ANGELES — The Canadian government, with British complicity, admitted more than 2,000 members of a notorious Ukrainian Waffen-SS division in 1950, the Simon Wiesenthal Center has charged.

In a related case, the CBS news program "60 Minutes" reported that about 1,000 SS men and Nazi collaborators, mainly from the Baltic states, moved to Canada about the same time.

And the German public broadcasting network reported that 50,000 war criminals receive "victim pensions" from the German government. German sources say 1,882 are Canadian residents.

Almost all the suspected war criminals and collaborators have lived openly under their own names in Canada for 47 years.

Littman, who has been researching Nazis in Canada since 1980, said the 14th Volunteer Waffen-SS Grenadier Division, aka the Galicia Division, largely comprised Ukrainians who served with Nazi police battalions and death squads.

The surviving 9,000 division members surrendered to the British at war's end, and were taken to England.

In 1950, Britain appealed to Commonwealth countries to admit them. Canada agreed to take 2,000, after being assured that their backgrounds had been checked and that they were cleared of complicity in war crimes.

But according to recently released British documents and interviews with officials who conducted the investigations, they were not screened, partly because none of the interrogators spoke their language, Littman said.

Meanwhile, the German TV program "Panorama" reported last week that 50,000 war criminals and members of army units who participated in atrocities were receiving monthly bonus pensions, ranging from hundreds to thousands.

The so-called "victim pensions" are added to the pensions of those who suffered World War II-linked disabilities, or to their dependents.

Although a 1950 German law excludes war criminals living abroad from getting such pensions, the law is apparently not enforced in Canada or the United States.

Elan Steinberg, executive director of the World Jewish Congress, has charged that some 3,300 Germans living in the United States receive the pensions.
a commitment is a commitment.... Chuckle
The Confederate States of America also made good on It ' s Pension and Injury Stipends .

United Yankees of America . . . . . Not so much .

(03-13-2019, 11:16 AM)Heir Wrote: [ -> ]The Confederate States of America also made good on It ' s Pension and Injury Stipends .

United Yankees of America . . . . . Not so much .


That's true. My great-great grandfather received a Confederate pension after the War of Northern Aggression.
I find that the Germans keep their agreements.
And rightfully so.