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Full Version: Fighting demons ...contra daemons documentary
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"The man enters the devil, not the other way around. The devil has no power over you without your consent"

Leaving evil...requires a glimmer...  where there's life there's hope

Eyes Wide Open: "None of this is opinion, nor is it hearsay. Open your eyes and seek truth. This is both a spiritual and physical battle that is having and will continue to have an effect on every area of your life. From indoctrination of children through the education system to 1st amendment rights and 2nd amendment rights – it’s all slipping through under your nose faster than you can say, “what just happened?” Full-term babies are being aborted, and all Democratic presidential candidates just voted against medical care for babies born alive after a failed abortion procedure. Whether you’re pro-choice or not, this is infanticide."
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Contra Daemones
Ivan Olita uncovers the details in the life of a devil-fighting priest

“I remember how the whole crew and I were fascinated by this gentle man. We were captivated by his impeccable, contemporary, and elegant interpretation of the Bible and the Gospel. He simply believes that there is an evil creature—that is a creature, not a god!—and, on the other, there are actions, intentions, and consequences and that we need to guard ourselves from creating division. In his world, although he has encountered some intense evil, there are no monsters coming out of the closet or cinematic possession—there are only choices. This means our free consent to good or to evil. This is refreshing to hear, in 2017, from an excorcist