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Full Version: Capt. Marvelous Seach Algorithm Changed to Defend Brie Larson
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Google/YouTube has altered the search term results in order to prevent criticism of Marvelous.
It's absolutely amazing how easily certain major corporations that control the internet can be changed to promote the agenda at hand

Do people honestly think Captain Marvel is the first strong female lead?!

Finally the toxic male has realized their errors in their ways...

Chuckle  Chuckle
Insane, isn't it?

Now they are saying the film was a smashigng success on opening weekend.
Yet...and I am in the comiccon has barely made a buzz.

Then I read that the smashing sucess was in PRE SALE all made sense see, movie studios are now in the habit of BUYING their own tickets to boost their films in the hopes of making the positive 'box office take' viral.

Just like they did with Black Panther.

Notice how no one talked about it once that left theaters?

Because the movie studio bought the tickets themselves...just like JayZ does for his concerts.

And just like certain publishers do for truly shit books like Fifty Shades of's all fabricated bullshit. The book had all these 'raving' reviews and 'fans'...but the films just sort of tanked.  Interesting to those who watch them spin yarns of crap out of a massive pile of shit.

It's a CON JOB.

And proof can be found in how Rotten Tomatoes turned off it's preview reviews...can't have negative reviews hurt the few studios left now!  No, not Disney! Eyeroll
Not surprised.....