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Full Version: Soul Trap The Matrix of the False Light
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Soul Trap. We have heard both sides of the perspective on the false light matrix, or what is more commonly known as the soul trap.  Some truth-seekers believe that this soul trap is real while others believe it is a fictitious concept.

But what is the real story? Is it possible that both of these perspectives could be accurate? The truth behind the situation is very interesting and may deserve a second look. We will discuss these possibilities in a moment, but first, let’s get to the update from writer, Eric Raines.

A very interesting development took place on March 27th, 2017 around 12PM Pacific time. A massive false light matrix was extricated from the planetary surface, with connections to the moon, as well as Saturn being dissolved.

Anybody got any thoughts / info on this one?
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Don't go towards the light!

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My brother has been studying the Torus of late.
(03-05-2019, 09:43 AM)SMOK3Y Wrote: [ -> ]My brother has been studying the Torus of late.

Would he be willing to share his thoughts on the matter??

Inquiring Minds want to know.

The deception ENDS after you die.
Plenty of false lights while you live.