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Full Version: Real Racist blackface.
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Here are some examples of true racism combined with black face.
Individuals change into a blackface Persona and then portraying that Persona as dumb ignorant or simply idiotic.

30 seconds



Long fired by doubt


Quote:So, for Jews, anti-Black racism was a benefit and a valuable asset to their own goals of gaining power and influence. Jews saw blackface minstrelsy as a vehicle to claim their whiteness and to ensure that racism—and not religious ethnicism—would become the American way. It was this conscious Jewish need to use Blacks as scapegoats that drove their involvement in that atrocious “art form” known as blackface minstrelsy. Jewish film scholar Lester D. Friedman is even more direct in his book Hollywood’s Image of the Jew:
Quote:“In actuality, many Jewish performers gained early and continued success using [blackface]….Indeed, it is too easy to ignore the derogatory aspects of such activities, the unconscious racism accepted and nourished by such cruel parodies, by citing historical contexts. The undisguised elements of ridicule in such blackface portrayals by Jews mimicking the outlandish stereotypes of blacks now looks suspiciously like one group’s desperate need to assert its own superiority by mimicking another.”